Cyndy began her metaphysical studies at the age of 18 and fell in love with the tarot shortly thereafter. She has studied tarot for over twenty years and continues to have a love affair with the cards. Teaching for more than a decade to students and professionals alike; many of her students go on and then begin to read publicly at new age fairs.

Cyndy believes everyone can read tarot or any system of divination with just a little help and assistance. Most people just need to be shown what to look for. She believes the books make it so much harder than it needs to be.

Cyndy’s Thoughts on Readings

Readings are a way to check your energies and the Universe’s energies and see how they are working together. Sometimes, we are in “open and growing” energies. Other times, we are in “pulling in or retracting” energies. Readings show what to expect in your life, much like a weather report.

Readings show us what energies are likely to manifest or not in your life in the coming weeks and months. They tell us what to expect in challenges, opportunities and life lessons. Readings are much like a spiritual weather report giving us a heads up on what might be blowing in.