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Beginners Tarot

This class if for those people who are have never touched tarot before, or those who have looked at them and read a few books, but still don't energetically 'get it'.

In both classes you get direct communication and instruction from me, as well as learn from others in our group online class.

In the Beginners class we will go over all the cards.  We will learn about Numbers and colors as they pertain to tarot cards. We go over the symbolic meaning of the cards, the energy each card eminates. We will go over three basic and well used spreads. By the end of the class you will be able to read for self and others. You will be able to look at a card and 'see/feel' its vibrational message.

Rider Waite Tarot

For my class I recommend you have/purchase the RiderWaite tarot.  This is the most widely used deck in America and easy to find. You can buy it online at Amazon.com or at your local book store, such as Borders or Barnes and Noble.
The RiderWaite is an easy deck to learn from. It is not the prettiest deck on the market but is messages are easy for the seeker's eyes to see. Once you can read one deck then you can move and go on to any other deck you like. If you prefer a different deck, then I just recommend you use them both. Each week have both decks out to look at and study with.