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Class Schedule


Online Tarot Class
Lessons in your Email box
Class Starts Wed Jan 25, 2017

8 Weeks
We use the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
email Cyndy to reserve your seat


Oklahoma City Beginners Tarot Class
IN person, Live Class
Sat July 15, 2017 1-5pm
Sun July 16, 2017 1-5pm

Seating is limited, email Cyndy to reserve your seat SpiritCyndy@gmail.com
South OKC Location

For any person who has taken in person with me before, you can retake the same class, for half price.

Please notify me when you reserve your seat, if you are a repeat student.

Better than a book ~ personal instruction in your own home by a Professional Public Reader and Teacher.

How the Online Tarot Classes Work

Each week you will receive a Tarot Lesson designed to forward your understanding of the cards while provoking individual thought and interpretation. For example, I email you a tarot lesson on Wednesday, then you will have one week to read and work the lesson and email back your homework. I then take the entire classes' responses (homework, questions, ideas, comments) and create a "Weekly Tarot Digest." I will then email you a new lesson, and the weekly digest. Reading the tarot digest, you learn through your classmate's questions and ideas and how they see, feel and interpret the cards.

Learn at your own pace. We do not meet online at any specific day and time. We do not meet in a chat room. This lesson is designed so that at your convienance anytime during the week, midnight, weekend, whenever that works for you, you read your email and work the lesson.

Devote one hour per week to yourself. I suggest you devote at least one hour per week to read, focus and work with your tarot cards and lesson.  Some take the class and never email back their homework, they prefer to be silent members of our class - which is fine, too. If life has you busier than expected, or you just prefer to read and learn privately - participate at your own comfort level and energy allowance.

Enjoy the flexiblility of online learning. If you skip one week, you can email back two weeks homework as well. The energy you give to the class is up to you, but I do encourage you to respond to lessons if possible. This blesses the entire group and we can all learn by sharing together.