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Do you have questions about a particular area of your life?
Let Cyndy help you find the answers online as she asks her Spirit Guide and your Angels for guidance through your own personal online reading.

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You're Tarot classes are wonderful!  I learned so much from the first class and then the advanced class brought it all together in such depth.  Thank you so much for your talents and sharing them with me over the web! Since I dont live in your area this is great for me.

M. Texas


Hi Cyndy, 
I want to thank you for offering the Online Tarot Class.   I had two books on how to read Tarot cards, but I was never able to put down a spread and understand it without looking up each and every card. Even after looking up the meanings, I struggled.
Your class showed me that Tarot is so much more than just looking up a definition in a book. The way you divided up the cards for study made them start to make sense to me.  I liked how you gave us your interpretation of the cards, and then with that guidance, encouraged us to "feel" the cards for ourselves.  
I'm looking forward to taking the Online Advanced class.
Thanks again,